Paul Suen Cho Hung

Personal Info Name Paul Suen Cho Hung Chinese Name 孫粗洪 Date of Birth March 1961 Board Appointments BCFC – BSH – Other Current ListCo Appointments  EPI (Holdings) Ltd  1 July 2018 – (NED) Percentage Control of BSH  30.63% Biography  Paul Suen Cho Hung is a Chinese Businessman. Educated at the University of Southern Australia, he … Continue reading “Paul Suen Cho Hung”

HK News: Is Paul Suen’s Casino Purchase an indication of things to come?

Paul Suen Cho-hung has been a busy bee of late. Not content with his mass of Hong Kong listings, he has now launched a bid to buy a London-based casino from Hong Kong listed company Landing International for a whopping HK$2.5billion (£242million).

The Takeover: The Paul Suen Era Begins

On Monday October 17, at 9am Hong Kong time a minor stock on the main board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong will resume trading in it’s shares. It’s an anti-climactic end to five and a half years of turbulence but that simple act will mark the end of the Carson Yeung era for Birmingham City with the “Penny Stock King” Paul Suen becoming the single largest shareholder in the holding company.

BSH: Two Year Anniversary

The two-year anniversary of the takeover of Birmingham Sports Holdings by Paul Suen Cho Hung’s Trillion Trophy Asia vehicle approaches in October. With it being public knowledge that Suen could not sell his stake in BSH within two years, will this anniversary herald a change of owner?

BCFC: Talking Takeovers V

It’s now been over eight weeks since Blues fans were told in a Birmingham Mail / Mirror report that the takeover was “close”. Despite being told in an announcement to the HKSE three weeks ago that Vong Pech had agreed to sell his share and a “deadline” being given by Bassini of June 30, as Blues fans we still await any official confirmation that any deal has been done.