Tom Wagner

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Thomas Allen Wagner III
Courtesy Blues Trust
Name Thomas Allen Wagner III
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Date of Birth July 1969
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Board Appointments
Birmingham City Limited 13 July 2023
Birmingham City Stadium Ltd 13 July 2023
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Thomas Wagner is a co-founder of Knighthead Capital Managment LLC, a US-based asset management company specialising in distressed and high yield companies. Prior to this he worked as a managing Director for Goldman Sachs, where he also co-managed the firm’s Capital Structure Franchise Trading desk.

Wagner is owner and director of Shelby Companies Limited.

Wagner is a member of the Navy Seal Foundation National Leadership Council along with his wife Cindy. According to Bloomberg, Wagner is a resident of the exclusive 15 Central Park West building in New York.

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Company Name and Number Position Held and Date Appointed
Shelby Companies Limited Director 12 April 2023

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