Support This Website

This website relies on sponsorship and donations to continue running. While I’ve endeavoured to keep ads to a minimum and have resisted paywalls, the cost of maintaining this website has grown especially as its become more popular.

There are a few ways you can help support this website:


Patreon is the best place if you wish to donate money on a monthly basis.

Unlike many other creators, I do not create extra content for Patreon subscribers. I’ve found that if I do this people share it for free everywhere on messageboards and the point is lost. It’s for this reason I have only created one tier of membership and kept the cost down low.


Ko-fi is the best place if you wish to donate money on one-off basis.

Ko-fi is like an online tip jar where people can leave money if they’ve read something they particularly enjoyed or found exceptionally insightful. Again, donations are set low but it’s possible to tip more if you want to.


It’s possible to add your company into the sidebar if you would like to sponsor the website. I try to limit these to small businesses who are locally based, because I want to help Bluenose-owned businesses before anyone else. If you would like to talk to me about this, please drop me a line at

Please be aware I do not take third party content nor do I have anchor links for gambling businesses within the text I do write.