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When I started out writing online, I never set out to be an expert in football club ownership. The truth, despite what some people think, is that I’m not an expert – I’m just someone who is good at finding out answers online and who is stubborn enough not to take no for an answer.

I ran the successful Often Partisan site for five and a half years, picking up more than 10 million page views. However, times changed and a move abroad led me to change my focus. I thought briefly about writing about other clubs but as always, my own club – Birmingham City – proved that stability is too boring for us Blues fansĀ and that we were in for a rollercoaster ride.

With this in mind, I picked up the reins once more to research and write about the new era of Birmingham City ownership.

I’m not a lawyer, an accountant or a trained journalist. I can only present information I have found and offer my own inexpert opinion; it is up to the reader to decide if what has been found is relevant and if my analysis is correct.

Unfortunately, I won’t be allowing comments at all on this website due to time constraints moderating them. You can always leave comments via Facebook or Twitter.

All my work on this site is supported by ad revenue and sponsorship – if you would like to help click this link.

If you wish to contact me you can email me – hello@almajir.net. I’m sorry I can’t reply to all emails but I will try if I can. If you want to contact me about something secure then you can email almajir@protonmail.com.