Oriental Rainbow Investments Ltd

Domiciled British Virgin Islands
Registered Office Address unknown
Head Office Address unknown
Owners (if known) Vong Pech 100%
Directors (if known) unknown

Oriental Rainbow Investments Ltd is a British Virgin Islands company, which is 100% controlled by Vong Pech.

Due to the difficulty of obtaining any information about companies from the BVI, it’s impossible to know who the directors of the company are.

However, information obtained from the Hong Kong registry show a company with the same name, registered in the BVI and based in Hong Kong at Unit 12, 14F Lippo Sun Plaza. That company’s authorised representative in Hong Kong was Wang Zhaochen, who gave his address as Room 802-804, 8F, Pui Wo Building, 1 Connaught Place. While it appears there is no such building called “Pui Wo” at 1 Connaught Place, the rest of the address corresponds with an office known to be linked to companies controlled by Wang Yaohui.