Jeremy Dale

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Name Jeremy Steven Dale
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Date of Birth November 1964
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Birmingham City PLC
Birmingham City Stadium Ltd
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Jeremy Dale is a businessman who has previously worked for Microsoft as well as Motorola.  He is named as director and partial controller of Often Partisan Limited.

He is currently a Chief Executive Officer of Punk Rock Business, as well as Finance Director of FP Tools.

Current companies connected to Jeremy Dale

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Company Name and Number Position Held and Date Appointed
FP (Tools) Limited Director 31 January 2020
FP Tools Holdings Limited Director 5 December 2019
Christdelphian Meal A Day Fund Director 14 January 2018
Punk Rock Business Limited Director 9 October 2017
Often Partisan Limited Director and Shareholder 7 November 2023

Information correct as of January 27, 2022. Company details taken from Companies House.