Details of Ownership

(Details correct as of June 21, 2017).

Listed below are details as populated from documentation filed by Birmingham City Football Club about it’s ownership structure. This page also contains links to individual pages with information on the various entities involved.

Birmingham City FC is 100% owned by Birmingham City PLC.

Birmingham City PLC Ownership Structure

Birmingham Sports Holdings Ltd 96.64%
Trillion Trophy Asia Ltd 0.21%
Public Shareholders 3.15%

Birmingham Sports Holdings Ltd Ownership Structure

Trillion Trophy Asia Ltd – 60.78%
Carson Yeung – 6.51%
Wang Lei – 5.28%
Public Shareholders – 27.43%

Trillion Trophy Asia Ltd is 100% owned by Wealthy Associates International Ltd, which in turn is owned 100% by Paul Suen Cho Hung.

BSH Stock Price
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