BCFC: Confidence Trick

Saturday saw Birmingham City win 1-0 against Leeds United thanks to a late Jacques Maghoma goal. While the result did not see them move in the table due to the results around them it did ensure that Blues are now only three points away from 20th placed Barnsley.

Birmingham City FC

It’s so nice to type Birmingham City win. In fact, before I go any further, let’s enjoy the fact that Birmingham City scored a goal, kept a clean sheet and won a game.

I didn’t see the game but for some brief highlights so I’m not going to comment on it personally. What I can say is the consensus of people I trust is similar to what Radio WM broadcaster Richard Wilford said.

I’m genuinely pleased for Steve Cotterill. Although he wasn’t really my choice of manager and I can certainly empathise with those who wanted (and indeed still want) him to go, it’s better for the club if Cotterill can turn things around.

I thought of late Cotterill had lost a bit of confidence – but not from the dressing room, rather in himself. His recent interviews belied someone who was hurting, who was feeling defensive and who was feeling stung by the criticisms levelled at him.

We saw under Lee Clark how that kind of loss of confidence in oneself can turn into irrationality. As that run without a home win got longer and longer, we saw increasingly bizarre team selections and tactics as Clark fought in vain to get that elusive home win.

When Cotterill said in his press conference about playing a player out of position I was starting to fear that he too was succumbing to this kind of trap. Thankfully, that didn’t come to pass – and hopefully now Cotterill can travel with Blues to Reading on New Year’s Day with a bit more self-belief and can turn a good win into the start of something better.

Before anyone says it, I’ve not turned into a happy clapper.

One swallow doesn’t make a summer and Blues still need a fair few more wins to ensure that this season doesn’t end in the ignominy of relegation.

There are still problems in the background with respect to the board that need closer scrutiny and with the transfer window looming I’m still uneasy about the amount of sway Darren Dein has over transfers.

However, it’s nice to be able to enjoy at least one day thinking that things might get better – and as the New Year is supposed to be about turning over a new leaf and improvement then maybe we’ll get that from Blues too.

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