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Birmingham City capped off a fairly horrible week on Sunday, capitulating to a 2-0 loss in the Second City Derby. Sam Gallagher was unlucky not to put the team ahead in the first half but Blues showed a lack of fight until injury time when Cheikh Ndoye was sent off for a second yellow card after lashing out at John Terry.

Birmingham City FC

Last week was a tough one to take.

First there was the midweek cup defeat after taking the lead, with the team literally running out of energy before capitulating horribly in extra time.

Yesterday was a weird one for me; watching on TV 1,000 miles away from the action just doesn’t replicate the same sort tension and as miffed as I was with the result, it didn’t leave me choked up or angered.

If anything, I was numbed to it – and I think it was because I expected nothing better.

I saw someone wiser than me say today how they were sick of the inferiority complex shown by fans and managers alike. Sick of managers setting up not to lose in games like yesterday’s; fans wearing lack of ambition as a badge of honour and accepting mediocrity as the way it will always be.

Yesterday, I succumbed to that feeling. I said before the game I’d take 0-0; at half time I said I’d take 0-0 and at the end of the game I shrugged my shoulders, safe in the knowledge that Blues just can’t compete with the money thrown at that mob.

I hate myself for feeling like that.

With fifteen games left this season Blues are two games away from being mathematically unable to catch Wolves in first place.

Once again Blues are flirting with relegation despite the club spending heavily money it didn’t have last summer – and yet all I hear is how we should support the team as we can’t do anything else.

Well, I say bollocks to that.

While I wholeheartedly agree with the notion of supporting the team with all of our heart, at the same time we should not be accepting lack of effort. We shouldn’t accept defeatism from our manager or our players, and we shouldn’t be looking at other teams to lose their way so we stay up by default.

And most of all, we shouldn’t let the people who have left our club in this position once again from getting away with it.

If we demand fight and passion on the pitch, then we should offer the same fight for our club.

If we want our club to achieve better, then we must be prepared to achieve better ourselves.

As horrible as that result was – it should be a wake up call. If Blues keep going the way they are trending over the last few seasons, then they could be back in the position they were in twenty years ago with a two-division gap meaning no derby games.

I know I’m going to look at what I can do and try and do more to help my club. I hope other people feel the same way.

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