BCFC: Where Did It All Go Right?

A comeback 2-1 victory over Sheffield United leaves Birmingham City two places and five points above the dropzone, with just three games left for Barnsley to save themselves. An early Mark Duffy goal gave the lead to the blades but a first goal for the club for Marc Roberts and a one-on-one goal from Jacques Maghoma ensured the points stayed at St Andrew’s.

Birmingham City FC

I think it’s safe to say that the fat lady still has not starting warbling yet, but she’s certainly taking a deep breath before hitting that first note.

I won’t be completely relaxed until Blues are mathematically safe – but not only is fate in our own hands, it’s going to require a heavy reversal of fortune now for us to stuff this up.

So what has gone right for Blues?

While the appointment of Garry Monk appears to have been a masterstroke, my hope is that the powers that be at St Andrew’s are taking quiet notice of what Monk is doing – and remembering the mistakes of last summer so that they don’t repeat them.

I’ve mentioned it before, but the big thing I think Monk is getting right is getting the most out of the players he has – and not being scared to bring in a young one when a more experienced player is not performing.

I hope this translates to an evolutionary process this summer where instead of ripping up the team and bringing in players willy-nilly, Blues identify the kind of players needed and solely go for those.

Likewise, I think the backing of the fans cannot be understated. The huge crowds at home have clearly given the team a lift in recent weeks with players and coaching staff alike recognising the power of the fans to help push the team that extra mile to victory.

For all the marketing dross we’ve seen this season, in my mind there is no substitution for a manager and a team who understands how to inspire the fans in return.

Monk clearly appears to “get” Blues and I hope that the owners take notes from his style in the way they market the club next season.

I can only speak for myself but it does seem to me all Blues fans want from the team is a bit of desire and attacking spirit – the rest comes naturally.

However, the biggest thing I’m hoping for now is stability.

Whatever fate befalls Blues, I think the club have the right manager to take the club forward and to improve on matters.

My one personal desire this summer is that Monk is given the opportunity to do just that. No interference from agents, no board squabbling – just a simple summer of bedding the team in and getting ready for the next campaign.

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