FFP: Clubs in Breach

With the transfer window opening as of midnight on Thursday, clubs in English league system can now buy and sell players again. However, that situation may be complicated in the Championship as this website has learned that as more than a dozen Championship clubs have been found to be in breach of FFP regulations.

Finances and BCFC

No official details have been given by clubs or the EFL as of the time of writing, but multiple sources have confirmed to this website that Birmingham City is indeed one of those teams.

The sheer number of clubs who have apparently breached FFP limits will have forced the EFL to think carefully with respect to the punishments handed out.

This website understands that transfer embargoes have not been automatically enforced on clubs breaching FFP due to the issues it would create within the transfer system.

With so many clubs in breach it is understood the EFL are being lenient with the majority of clubs with the aim to get as many back within limits with as little fuss as possible.

However, the number of clubs to fall foul of the rules raises questions over how effective the FFP regulations are and if they have any practical use in the future.

What does that mean for Birmingham City?

The first and most important thing to clarify is that this website understands Birmingham City have not been given an automatic transfer embargo at the time of writing.

However, it is understood that any punishment the EFL may have handed out to Birmingham City will come with the caveat that finances will be monitored closely by the EFL until the club are back within limits.

I’ll repeat what I’ve said on this website in the past.

If Birmingham City are forced to be a bit more careful when offering contracts and transfer fees than they are last year, it probably won’t be a bad thing.

It’s also worth remembering that Blues have in Garry Monk a manager who has a proven ability to get a lot from the squad and who is fully prepared to try out untested young talent.

That further lends me to optimistically believe that Monk will be able to find good players this summer who will improve the squad without having to go overboard monetarily.

Furthermore, if so many Championship clubs are in a similar or worse position it means that Blues won’t be handicapped in the way some feared when the original rumours about FFP broke.

While I have done everything possible to source this story from as many independent sources as I can, I would like to remind people that until an announcement is made either by the EFL or by the club this isn’t official. Caveat lector applies.

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