BCFC: Senior Management Team Leave

News broke this afternoon on Twitter that three members of the senior management team at Birmingham City have left the club. John Percy of the Telegraph reported in a tweet that chief financial officer Roger Lloyd, financial controller Gary Moore and club secretary Julia Shelton have all left St Andrew’s.

The tweet can be viewed here.

I can only confirm from my own contacts that this story is legitimate, but as I understand solicitors are involved I do not wish to go into any more detail about the finer details as to why these people have left at this time.

One thing I would like to put on record however is to say is that none of the senior management team have ever been sources for the work on this website or on my previous website oftenpartisan.co.uk.

What are the implications for the club?

Taking away any personal feelings towards the people who have left or towards the board of directors, this is in the short term at least going to be tough for the club.

It means that the club are going to have to replace three highly experienced, senior members of staff at once which wouldn’t be easy at any time – but with the added complication of the current strictures placed upon the club by the EFL.

All three members of staff will have been heavily involved with the EFL throughout their time at the club and any replacement will have to fit in quickly and gain the trust of the EFL to help resolve matters going forwards.

IF the club can replace the outgoing staff with staff who are competent and who can fit in quickly things might work out better in the medium term, as it would hopefully bring an end to the internal strife the club has suffered for the past two years.

I’ll be honest and say that my worry is that it will be hard to recruit staff with a similar amount of experience to replace the senior management team when they have left.

The onus is now on the BCFC board – Ren Xuandong and Zhao Wenqing in particular – along with the owners to make sure the Blues ship remains on an even keel.

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