#BSHLOUT – Getting Info Out There

On Tuesday morning, Blues fan and commentator Ian Danter took part in a live segment about Birmingham City’s current woes with hosts Jim White and Simon Jordan. Although Danter was passionate and lucid in his argument, it did become apparent that outside the Blues bubble not many people understand why there are #BSHLOUT protests.


You can read more about the Talksport interview here.

It’s not really that hard to understand why not many people know what is going on at St Andrew’s.

Despite our love for Birmingham City, outside of the fanbase we’re seen as not dissimilar to a whole host of other clubs. Right now in the Championship, Derby County are going through a painful administration process; while there are intransigent owners at other clubs such as Oldham Athletic who are much more public in their obstreperousness.

Throw in the sheer complexity of the issues at Birmingham City and a list of confusing company identities and Chinese names, and it’s no wonder that no one truly knows about it. In honesty, many Blues fans are struggling to understand the ins and outs of the travails Blues are suffering.

In the last five and a bit years, I’ve written over 300 articles about the current regime at St Andrew’s; going into huge forensic depth to investigate not only the official names on the doors but the shadowy figures behind them. I’ve amassed boxes of files and notes, along with hard drives and cloud drives of documents. I might have an eidetic memory for this detail but it’s unfair for me to expect anyone else to care as much, let alone to remember it.

With this in mind, and the prospect of more and more attention being cast on the situation at Blues I’ve created a new website – bshlout.co.uk.

My intention is to use this website as a place for people to be able to read in simple detail who is who and what is what, and in the coming weeks for it to be not only a repository of details for protests so they are safe from the possibility of being deleted on social media, but a place where simple questions are answered so that they can be shared with others.

I’m going to continue my long form investigative work on this site, but my hope is that by having a simpler version along side it we can show people quickly and effectively what the problems at Blues are and why we want change.

If there is information or questions about Blues you want to see that I can add, I’ll be taking suggestions via my twitter and Facebook pages.