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Birmingham City slipped to their ninth league defeat of the season against Brentford on Wednesday night. A 2-0 defeat ensured that Blues hover just above the relegation zone and remain as the division’s lowest scorers.

Birmingham City FC

It’s safe to say that many people are not happy.

I cannot comment on Wednesday’s performance as I did not see the game, but I can say that I’ve not seen one person online with anything positive to say about Blues at this moment in time. After looking like they had turned a corner beating Cardiff City, Blues have taken one point from three games and failed to score in any of them.

As one can imagine, there is a lot of finger pointing at various people seen to be at fault for the current situation. I’m not going to get into that bar saying that I think it’s not one person that is culpable, but several; and that pointing the finger is not going to fix the problem.

However, fixing the problem is not going to be easy either.

Blues have been through three managerial changes in less than a year and have had a massive turnover of players. Clearly neither have done anything but damage further the situation.

I think if something is to change, it has to be the attitudes within the club.

I’d hope that the management will come to the conclusion that there has to be a clean slate with respect to players. No matter what has transpired before, it’s all water under the bridge – and that players should be picked on merit regardless of previous sulks, moans or training ground fights.

However, that clean slate works both ways. Players need to swallow any previous grievances and complaints and work hard in training and playing.

I honestly believe that if a player feels that they cannot or will not give 100% in effort to the team or the manager then they should do the honest thing and put in a transfer request.

The squad is bloated right now and we cannot afford any passengers – it’s time for players to put up or shut up.

Likewise, I hope the management realise that the attitude of playing not to lose is not working.

I can understand that Steve Cotterill has inherited a team out of shape and out of focus and has wanted to create a more organised outfit.

However, the team looks bereft of creativity and nous going forwards – and that lack of goals is killing us. I’m not sure what the answer is but I’m fairly sure it’s not Cheikh Ndoye playing in the no. 10 role or Sam Gallagher playing wide.

The most important attitude that has to change is at the top.

The short-termist attitude of hiring / firing managers has created massive instability.

Recruitment has seen Blues fail to bring in the one player needed this summer – an actual ball-playing midfielder – and has instead created a toxic atmosphere in the dressing room of jealousy over wage inequality. I’d almost go as far as to question who exactly benefitted from the players recruited this summer as it appears right now that it wasn’t the club.

It pains me to say this as I hate being a voice of doom but there is something very wrong with Birmingham City right now – and until that is fixed, it seems we’re in for much more sorrows than joys.

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