BCFC: Don’t Panic

Another week rolls around and Birmingham City appear to be no closer to achieving a resolution in their current transfer embargo. With the season drawing near this has caused some fans to panic online – but are their fears founded?

Birmingham City FC

I’m going to surprise people here and say that while I don’t think the overall situation is great, I think people are panicking without need.

The Monk Situation

One of the biggest causes for panic is the thought that Garry Monk might decide that this isn’t what he signed up for and walk.

This feeling has been exacerbated by Monk’s unwillingness to talk to the press after the last two friendlies Blues have played.

However, I cannot share those feelings of panic.

For me, there are three reasons why I think Monk will stay – and even relish this challenge.

The first is simple – it’s a no-lose situation. If Blues struggle in the early part of the season because of a failure to bring in players, Monk cannot be blamed for that.

However, if Blues do play well and the kids step up – well, Monk’s not just a good manager but a potentially great one.

Monk has shown from the start that he’s willing to work with and trust in the younger players at the club.

Not only that, but from talking to people at the training ground, he’s commanded respect for his methods and his inclusiveness.

The second is that I think Monk can’t really afford to walk away from the current situation.

The fact is he’s younger than me and he’s already on his fourth managerial role. While people might not blame him from walking away from a potential mess, it’s not going to look great for him if he does.

The third is based on a pure gut instinct alone – but I think Monk actually gets Blues.

I can’t say why I feel this, but something inside me tells me that Monk understands what the club is and what the fans are like – and has an instinctive rapport with us.

That rapport I think will help to keep him at the club.

The player situation

So, being embargoed is not great as it means Blues cannot currently register any player that has been signed outside of certain restrictions.

These restrictions include the payment of a transfer or loan fee along with a certain wage limit.

However, that doesn’t mean Blues cannot sign anyone at all.

One thing I’ve heard in the last couple of days are credible rumours about players being scouted which would be allowed to be signed under the current restrictions.

This heartens me, because it means that despite the ongoing issues, Blues are doing their best to work within the constraints set upon us.

I have no idea right now who, if anyone we will actually bring in – but I will be honest and say that I have more faith in Blues recruitment strategy this summer than I did last year.

The truth is, while the embargo was an avoidable situation, it is what it is.

It’s up to the people behind the scenes to sort that mess out as painlessly as possible – but for the team on the pitch, it has to be business as usual.

If Monk and his staff are not panicking, why should we?

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