FFP: Pressure on Ren

The pressure on Birmingham City CEO Ren Xuandong has really ratcheted up in the last couple of days after Birmingham City boss Garry Monk finally broke his silence on the transfer embargo. Monk spoke to the press following the open training at St Andrew’s Trillion Trophy Stadium on Wednesday to confirm his hopes that the embargo would be lifted soon.

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The Daily Mail report can be read here.

While Monk spoke positively in general, there definitely seemed to be a warning shot against the hierarchy that this situation cannot go on for much longer.

‘But I’ve been assured, since I’ve come in here, that it won’t be a problem for the club. Ideally you would like to bring in players, like at any club, from day one. But there are lots of situations where it is not possible.

As someone who admires how Monk has managed the team and responded to fans, this is worrying to me.

This would seem to say that Monk has been repeatedly told that everything is okay when that hasn’t quite been the case.

There is also ongoing confusion over the status of Kristian Pedersen with the Daily Mirror reporting that his registration had not been fully cleared as of yet.

This contradicted information I published myself on social media on Tuesday which said that Pedersen had now been registered.

My information had come from a contact who reported that Ren had contacted his bosses in Hong Kong to confirm that Pedersen’s registration issues had been dealt with and that he expected the embargo to be sorted out soon.

However, James Nursey reported in the Mirror that Pedersen’s registration had not been sorted with the player being reassured that it would be sorted out before the opening game against Norwich City on August 4.

This leaves us with the possibility that Ren has lied to his bosses in Hong Kong.

If that is true, then it is very dangerous ground indeed to walk upon.

I have to admit, I’m no longer certain that Pedersen has been registered.

There’s an ongoing pattern in all of this, as I’m sure can be seen.

Back in May Edward Zheng Gannan told fans at a supporters’ forum that:

“We understand it is confusing. Every club in the EFL is very mindful in dialogue about FFP. We are mindful in making decisions in the best interest of the club. Ignore the unfounded incorrect rumours on social media. We continue to do business as usual. No penalty anticipated.”

Yet as time has ticked on, it’s become painfully obvious that this isn’t “incorrect rumours on social media”.

When news of the embargo broke a couple of weeks ago, there was no public comment from the club but there were noises around that the embargo was “temporary” and wouldn’t be an issue.

We’re now nine days from the start of the season and as of the time of writing, I have not heard that the embargo has been lifted.

It seems apparent that Ren has been telling Monk it’s all fine. According to my contacts, he’s told his bosses it’s all fine.

The pressure is now on Ren to make sure that everything is fine – because we’re now at a point where those words have no meaning.

Only actual proof that everything is sorted will do.

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