BCFC: Vindication

Birmingham City confirmed on Friday that the Independent Disciplinary Commission dismissed a charge of misconduct brought by the EFL against the club in May 2019. The EFL have a right to appeal the decision of the Commission which met on February 12.

Birmingham City FC

I think it’s fair to say it’s a relief that the charge was dismissed, although it was my personal belief that the club would not have been deducted points even if the charge had been proven.

Although the EFL does have the right to appeal, I think the statement by the EFL about considering the judgement is more about standard legal protocol than them actually doing so.

While the Blues were magnanimous in victory, confirming that they had “worked closely and amicably with the EFL on this matter” since they were charged in May 2019 this must feel like a victory for club CEO Ren Xuandong.

In the few conversations I had with the club about the charge, there had always been a confidence that the charge was unfounded and that nothing would come of it.

Now that it has been thrown out, that stance has been vindicated.

What interests me is that unlike the last disciplinary commission, there is no copy of the judgement available.

I’m interested in seeing the judgement because I’d like to know the reasons why the charge was dismissed.

Many fans have complained about the EFL having a vendetta against the club and I’d like to see if those feelings of persecution stack up with what the Independent Commission thought of the charge.

I think one of the issues we have as fans is that we don’t understand why things happen sometimes, and it would be good for us to see just what went on so we can properly make our minds up.

I can understand that there might be sensitive financial information that needs to be redacted from any judgement, but I think it would be in the interests of all to see how Blues got justice in this case.

Furthermore, if it enabled more scrutiny to be placed on how the EFL has been / is currently run, I think that this would be a good thing.

However, it might be that the friendlier approach might be the better one.

It might be that the magnanimity shown by the club is a step towards rapprochement with the EFL.

While the whole “fuck the EFL” siege mentality makes for some good terrace chants and atmosphere, the truth is that the club have to work with the EFL for the foreseeable future and having better relations with them is probably for the best.

I’ve never bought into the whole vendetta thing myself, but I do believe that it’s possible that Blues have alienated themselves with other clubs in past years.

As much as I think people ascribe to an almost Millwall like “no one likes us, we don’t care” attitude, I don’t think that kind of isolationism works in football.

For example, having good relationships with other clubs is good for helping to make loan and permanent transfers go smoother.

I’m sure it would have an effect on things like ticketing allocations too; with more trust a club might decide to offer more away tickets on a sale or return basis rather than demanding a whole allocation be taken.

Likewise, I imagine having a better relationship with the EFL would ensure that there is more help and leniency when required.

Whatever happens now, the important thing is a line can now be drawn under the whole madness of the Summer 2017 window, and the club can move forwards.

That in itself is a good thing.