BIH: AGM Results

Birmingham International Holdings have announced to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange the results of their AGM held today in Wanchai.

Hong Kong Stock Exchange

The full announcement can be read here.

There’s no surprises. All resolutions including the re-election of directors have been approved with barely a ripple of dissent anywhere.

For those of you interested in who is on the BIH board, I’ve added pages to this website here for you to read through some biographical details. They’re a work in progress currently – I’m working on more all the time.

In honesty, I didn’t expect there to be many surprises at the AGM – with Carson Yeung now well and truly out of the picture life at BIH should be much calmer and much less fraught with problems. I think it’s a sign of the times that there has been nothing mentioned in the press in Hong Kong about the AGM yet – unlike scenes of times gone by where Carson had to be sneaked out of a back door.

The lack of objection to the presented resolutions means that Paul Suen and Trillion Trophy Asia can get on with the job in hand regardless. While people may not be happy with the work of TTA – especially given the Gary Rowett sacking – the shareholders of BIH are the only people the board are truly accountable to.

For us in Birmingham, January is where we will see how far they are prepared to go in funding the team – especially given the reliance on TTA for funding as shown by the accounts.


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